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5 Things Not to Do in Your Indoor Running Sessions

In this article, let us see the top 5 things that you should never do on apps like Vingo.

Do you like Indoor running? If you love cycling, then you might be using some of the apps like Vingo. With such apps, there are many advantages. At the same time, there are a few things that you should not do in these apps. In this article, let us see the top 5 things that you should never do on the app.

Don’t Harass or Bully Others

Online can be an anonymous place. Anonymity comes with a lot of privileges. For a starter, your actions are not easily found out by others. Since people are not living in the same vicinity, many people take advantage of physical isolation and behave rudely with others.

This is not only unruly but also criminal in nature. The cyber laws of most countries are strict and you could end up getting into legal trouble. So, never harass or bully others on the app. Firstly, it is not the right thing and secondly, it is not something that you can afford to do.

Don’t Spam the Groups

The Internet is also analogous with spam and hoaxes. So, never encourage people who spread hoaxes or send spam messages to others.

Similarly, never spam other users of the apps. It is not in the best interest of your profile and also of the general community of users.

Don’t Trust Everyone on the App

Online running is an exciting place. At the same time, it is not perfectly safe. The world of Vingo is still populated by people who are not under the direct control of the app company.

So, don’t share your personal information with strangers on the app. Never share important details like how many people are in your home, and how and when you sleep and workout.

Don’t Share Financial Details on the App

Financial crimes comprise the largest chunk of cyber crimes. This can be easily avoided by maintaining your anonymity on the app. Never share confidential financial information like your bank account number, credit card number, or other information in the app.

Even when you share it with your friends, others can hear and find out the same details easily. Even when there is an urgent need to share something with a friend, never use the app for anything other than exercising. It is not recommended.

Don’t Forget to Switch off Your Equipment

Another important but fundamental thing that most people forget to do is, switch off the equipment like treadmill or cycle. When you leave the treadmill on, it might cause a fire. Even when there are no fire accidents, it can consume a lot of power.

That is why Vingo reminds you to switch on and switch off the equipment. It is an all-around Online running app that has many other advantages.

You can easily get reminded about your exercise sessions by switching on the alarm on the app. So, next time, when you finish the exercise, switch off the treadmill.

Do you think we have missed any other important direction?


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