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Clever Ideas to Make a Big Difference to Your Interiors

There are many things that influences a human’s behaviour and frame of mind and one such major influence is the space he or she lives in. Having to look at the same walls, furnishing and décor sometime makes us yearn for some change, thus influencing the way we feel, happy or sad, elated, or depressed. Here are some real quick and minute changes that you can consider making to your home that can add value not only to the overall appeal of your home but also help in uplifting your spirits when you are feeling low.

Decor changes: Vases though being small additions to your home décor add a lot of value with the colour and brightness they bring home. There is a huge variety that you can choose from, by size, colour, artistic touch, and shape. Based on where in the house it is intended to be placed you can be sure to find an array of options out there in the market.

Natural Light & light fixtures: changing the old murky window panes with new ones can help brighten up your space and make it livelier as against the gloomy look it would have during a beautiful day. Additionally, you can consider adding a beautiful light fixture to the ceiling or a lamp shade for your favourite corner of your house to keep you inspired even when the sun is not shining.

Wallpapers and paints: The most vital part of your home are the walls which you live within most of the time. If you are done looking at those dull and gloomy coloured walls, you can choose from a huge collection of wallpaper or paint colours, to change that scene forever. All you need is to step out there in the market and ask, and you will be served with a catalogue of options in all kinds of texture and shades. This will add a new perspective to the walls of your home.

The nature in your home: If you are a plants person and want your plants nearer to you as against just the outdoor garden, you can consider purchasing a flower pot stand that enables you to bring nature closer to you while you are working at home or just lounging leisurely over a weekend. Using a plant stand especially with an air purifying plant will bring in some much-needed freshness to the ambiance.

Adding a metallic touch: To get a more modern feel in your home, another viable idea would be to add a metallic touch to your home by replacing the old wooden garnishes. You can change those old wooden switch boards and install metallic designer one that are made to size and easy to install by yourself. There are many options around light fixtures and faucets with silver or golden looks, that can give the space a hint of shimmer.

This is not an exhaustive list but there are many other options and ideas you can implement for some added relaxation, inspiration & positive energy vibes at home. All that is required, is for you to step out of your home or go online scouting for recommended upgrades you can make to your home.


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